Not all emergencies are medical, as we’re reminded by Sim Shain, CEO of Paraflight EMS and Aviation. Travel is difficult under the best of circumstances and when emergencies happen, those involved don’t need the stress of finding a commercial flight—with decades of experience in crucial medical flights, Shain and his team can produce a solution in a fraction of the time that a commercial airline or regular jet charter can provide. 


(LakewoodNJMarch 15, 2021Traveling is quite the difficult task these days. It’s doubly troubling when time means money—and sometimes lives. The solution is speed. What happens when something really bad happens and there’s no time to spare? A leading aviation transport company is answering the call by providing the fastest solution available in the case of an emergency—while keeping in mind that not all emergencies are medical. “In an emergency, time is of the essence,” says Sim Shain, CEO of ParaFlight EMS and Aviation. “Whether it’s getting a donated organ to its destination or a team of engineers who need to bring a critical system back online, waiting for transport is not an option.”  


Because emergencies happenwhether it’s medical providers, law firms, real estate investors and developersgovernment officials, embassies, or leaders of industry—being able to be wheels up in 2 or 3 hours rather than 8 or 10 can and will make a difference in the outcome. As Shain explains it, even a chartered flight can take up as much as 10 hours to be able to take off. But when you have a network of readily available flights—anywhere in the nation and abroad—that time is curtailed dramatically. 


The matrix around emergency air transport  is complex. If one is able to schedule an organ transport within 2 hours, why not use the same capability for business emergencies? That is the idea behind Shain’s Urgent Corporate Jet Flights. To wit, a law firm not being able to deliver a witness or deposition in time can mean millions of dollars more in damages. Another example could be Silicon Valley or even Wall Streetsince no system is foolproof, if an entire essential network goes downwhether it’s physical damage or a cyberattack—getting engineers and specialists quickly onsite will make a huge difference. 


Another essential aspect of an emergency flight is ensuring that all details are taken care of, such as ground transportation, permits, customs if the flight is international, communications, and even a hot meal while in transport.  


About 45,000 flights a day are managed by the FAA, but commercial airline travel just isn’t equipped to handle emergencies.(1) As Shain explains, “emergencies do not keep a schedule. We operate 24/7 365 days.” 


“Just tell us where you want to go and we’ll get you there,” says Shain.” In an emergency, time is your greatest asset. The benefits of immediate intervention in a crisis are incalculableWe perfected the network with ParaFlight and We just took the next logical step by including business emergencies. 


About Sim Shain and ParaFlight EMS and Aviation 

Sim Shain, Founder and CEO of ParaFlight EMS and Aviation and, has led a remarkable 28-year career working in the pre-hospital emergency medical space. He is a noteworthy leader who takes on challenging responsibilities leading corporate, medical, and charity flights and missions specializing in organ transplants. Sim is a devoted volunteer who contributes towards numerous well-known organizations such as Chai Lifeline’s Camp Simcha, United Hatzalah of Israel, The Special Children’s Center, Birthright Israel, and providing Hatzolah EMS, in-flight medical support to children with cancer and disabilities, free of charge. ParaFlight EMS and Aviation and personify his lifelong mission of “changing the world, one organ at a time.” For more, visit and 


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