Bad PR can break you. Good PR can make you.


Bad PR can break you. Good PR can make you.

The big question is how do you avoid bad PR and cash in on good PR?

My name is Karla Jo Helms. I am the CEO of JOTO PR. I would like the opportunity to show you how our special brand of PR (called Anti-PR) can help boost your company’s revenues. It starts with our complementary consultation described below.

But first let’s look at the possibilities.

In today’s explosive internet/TV landscape, bad PR can blow a company out of the water practically overnight via the “court of public opinion.” And on the positive side, good PR can catapult a company to new heights of prosperity.

SeaWorld was once the quintessential family entertainment park. Daily, live Orca would perform to standing ovations. That was until CNN aired a documentary called Blackfish which exposed the alleged abuses of killer whales held in captivity at the thriving park.

SeaWorld’s stock immediately dropped by 33% and five years later still hasn’t recovered.

On the positive side…

Do you remember the “ice bucket challenge” that was popular on social media a few years ago? This challenge was started by The ALS Association as a means to increase people’s awareness of the dreaded disease. It was one of the most successful PR campaigns ever done online.

Now, you probably don’t have to worry about CNN doing a negative documentary about your company, or your business probably isn’t fighting a disease you can use for a positive PR campaign. However…

I can all but guarantee that your company has the potential for both negative PR, and positive PR.

We’re interested in the positive. Because of my career and tenure in Criss Management, I can tell you, that your company has hidden attributes that can be used to create a stellar PR campaign—that will all but keep you out of harm’s way. What we do at JOTO PR, is bring out those hidden attributes and put them in lights.

JOTO PR has done successful PR campaigns for companies that had no apparent “PR appeal” on the surface. But once we dug in and applied our three most basic PR boosters to their business, these seemingly ordinary companies took on a new light in the media which in turn, boosted their bottom line. That’s what good PR can do.

The PR components that can help put your company in lights and boost your bottom line are:

  • DISRUPTION — Compelling newsworthy content about your company that gets attention when published in the right media outlets.
  • EXPOSURE – Having credible media outlets that will expose your company’s message in an impactful way to your public.
  • INFLUENCE – Providing a compelling message that will influence your public in a way to enhance your image and create goodwill that results in ROI.


Don’t take my word for it. Please allow us to show you how can help grow your company with our unique brand of PR.

Take Advantage of this Complimentary PR Consultation

By spending just 30 minutes with us on the phone, we can show you how we can help your company hit exponential growth through PR. We are all about ROI. This in-depth consultation is a free public service we provide to help companies like yours reach their full potential.

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Give us a call at 888-202-4611 to take advantage of our Complimentary PR Consultation. Or, give us a call if you have questions.

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