10 Reasons Your B2B Brand NEEDS to Be Using Social Media

2020 may have the year of the rat, but it will in all likelihood will be remembered as the year of the pandemic. 2021 is the year of the Ox, but for you, it can be the year you finally moved into PR’s fast lane – social media. Otherwise, your competition is going to blow by you and leave you in the dust.

But then you might say, “I’m already on social media.”

Sure, you may even have a presence on all the popular platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – but ask yourself:

“Have I gotten any ROI with my social media?”

And then, “What kind of ROI can I get from social media anyway?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s LOTs of reasons Anti-PR Social Media pays off. Let’s look at some of the biggest ways now…


Social Media Factoid 1: 3.2 billion users, or about 42% of the world population, log in, peruse, and converse with friends on social media.1


1. Disrupt Your Market

People that come to us are innovative disruptors – you need to talk about social media being the place to disrupt with their message…


2. You Get Your Audience to Know You

Already built your profiles? Good. Now get your employees, sponsors, partners, and anyone else that should already be following you to like, comment and – especially important – share your page and your posts to new and relevant audiences. New content gets attention and encourages new interactions – this is crucial for exposure. And when you begin to see these responses – make sure you respond in kind. And you gotta be quick and consistent, not wait until it’s convenient. Nobody has or really needs to be patient anymore, because they can get the content they want elsewhere. So They’re not going to wait for you. The lesson here: A neglected social media account is as good as having no account at all.


3. You Get to Know Your Audience

In addition to building your brand awareness, you’re also collecting knowledge about your audience. If that sounds like market research to you…well because it is! Once you’re established that two-way communication channel with your target audience, you’ve opened the floodgates to a deluge of invaluable market intelligence. With some additional tools, you can parse out who they are, create profiles, and use them to hone your messaging. You know show how you are addressing their problems, hot-button issues, pain points, their needs and wants, and so on.


4. You Earn Their Respect

Making positive impressions on your audience is the beginning of the next level of engagement – relationship building. Keep in mind that your platforms are not merely vehicles for promoting your goods and services – these channels are a service unto themselves – ways for your followers to engage you directly. Social media allows for swift and consistent engagement – and that’s what your audience is going to expect of you as well. They want to be treated as individuals and doing so over time and fulfilling their need for interaction creates and builds real relationships. Cultivating these burgeoning relationships will over time build into real emotional attachment to your brand – and that’s exactly want you want. Since its inception, social media is usage has only been growing year after year, and that means your engagement efforts are going to become more critical.


                         Social Media Factoid 2: Users by generation, 90.4% are Millennials, 77.5% are Generation X, and 48.2% are Baby Boomers2

1. You Get Them Buying

Every time you post highly targeted content, that’s one more chance to make a positive impression, thereby increasing the chances that one of your followers goes to your website, boosts traffic, and creates a conversion. People want to talk to other people, and a “one size fits all” approach reinforces the idea of a faceless corporation. What you’re doing is, at the very least, is creating goodwill and humanizing yourself, allowing your audience to grow familiar with you as real people behind the name. Prospects can take time to nurture – having multiple touchpoints will likely be a necessity before you move forward. The payoff here – when it comes to finally making the purchase decision, your followers will most likely choose based on their experience – make the best impression you can at all times.


2. You Make ‘em Happy

Everybody likes to feel special and valued. Social media gives you the means to give your audience both quickly and in spades. And I don’t mean a digital version of a form letter. Any time an individual sends you a comment or inquiry, that is your opportunity to create a future loyal customer. You do that with a message personalized to them that directly shows your appreciation for their posting or gives a specific answer to their question with your thanks. That way, you’re proving that you’re paying attention, talking TO them, not AT them. They come away with a satisfying, even rewarding experience – and very likely to come back again.


3. You’re Being Easy on Your Wallet

We all know just expensive and time-consuming marketing and promoting products and services can be. Oftentimes it can be cost-prohibitive enough that the amount of exposure needed can’t be reached, leading to a launch disaster. But you gain that much needed exposure well before you start marketing and advertising. In short, social media is not that expensive. And if you did want to market via these platforms, the cost is still low compared to traditional methods. But better still, you can also maximize every advertising dollar you spend if you already have made those connections and relationships with your audience. When it comes time to roll out your product or service, they will already know you, feel good about you – and will only need a nudge – not a hard push – to get them to start buying. They’re already convinced and so they trust you. That means less effort is needed for sales – and the highest return on your advertising budget.


4. You Get ‘Em to Where You Want ‘Em

Every social media platform you have a presence on is a path that leads to your website. That’s why you need to be on multiple platforms so you can reach as large an audience as possible. On top of that, by being in multiple places, you’re also engaging with a wider range of ages, backgrounds, and preferences. They’re going to have a wider range of questions and comments. Important to consider is that different demographics search for information using different platforms and keywords. Tailoring your content to their preferred platforms and keywords will maximize your chances of gaining the most attention. That increased attention leads to more clicks on links to your landing pages.


                                                                                                            Social Media Factoid 3:

           73% of marketers believe that their efforts through  social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business3

1. You Get Where You Want to Be

Your website’s search rankings will differ depending on keyword searches. Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will help push you up the search page. You can do that by providing valuable content that organically incorporates those keywords on your social media platforms to help move your rankings up even further. That content can take a variety of forms – educational blogs, news stories, company activities, etc. Use the kind that best fits the preferences of your various demographics and gives them the best payoff for their search efforts – and for you, being seen a legitimate, credible, and reliable source for the information they’re looking for. Those same people are going to like and share that content with their own followers, extending your audience reach organically for you.


2. You Get to Be Legit, aka become an Influencer

As more and more of your target audience sees your great content and your interactions with others, that casts you in a credible light, showing that value your audience, make your yourself available and through content that humanizes you. Like increasing gravity your continuous attention and valuable content will draw more followers, and some of them are influencers. When you start getting these influencers speaking well of you to their own following, you’re earning third-party validation from credible sources, powerful endorsements that will establish your legitimacy as an industry thought leader and go-to expert.


                                                                                                       Social Media Factoid 4:

              71% of consumers who had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.4


 11. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Finally, social media isn’t just a resource for your customers and prospects. Journalists are also using these platforms as resources for stories they can provide for their own audiences. When creating content, keep that particular segment of your audience in mind. And if you’re going to gain their attention, provide newsworthy content. What better way to get publicity than having a media outlet spread your content for you – and do it for free.

JOTO PR Disruptors™ specializes in social media Anti-PR™. Instead of impromptu or spur-of-the-moment thoughts, we utilize a precise social media procedure that will best gain you the right attention and generate your own media attention. Contact us today to learn more about our social media services.

Now that you’ve seen the many business advantages you can gain from Social Media, read on to learn why not planning ahead can make the difference between a business success and putting yourself risk for a PR disaster…

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*Anti-PR™ definition: Anti-PR is really the difference between the existing apathy of the industry publicizing fluffy, no-result PR vs. our intolerance of mediocrity and our demand, skill and mastery in obtaining results. JoTo PR breaks the entire mold: We use the science of Crisis Management to manage our client’s messaging in order to disrupt. It’s like strapping turbojets onto “everyday PR” yielding unprecedented results.