AquaHab Physical Therapy Implements Policy Changes and Flexible Treatment Plans to Help Patients Manage Rising Healthcare Costs

In Response to Healthcare Crisis and Increasing Co-Pays, Les Littman Explains How AquaHab Physical Therapy Is Helping to Make Treatment Affordable for All Patients

Cherry Hill, N.J., February 20, 2012 – As healthcare costs continue to rise, AquaHab Physical Therapy has implemented new policies and practices to ensure that treatments remain affordable for patients. The multi-clinic practice, which offers both land-based physical therapy and aquatic therapy, provides rehabilitative treatments and other physical therapy services to patients throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

“The current healthcare crisis is making it increasingly difficult for patients to afford essential care; and as a result, some are forgoing treatment due to financial concerns,” said Les Littman, President and CEO of AquaHab, LP. “A few years ago, a week’s worth of physical therapy would cost a patient about $60. Today, rising co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and other costs have pushed that total as high as $120 to $180 per week. We are aware of the financial hardships patients are facing and have implemented solutions that address their needs and make treatment more affordable.”

Several recent developments prompted AquaHab Physical Therapy to take action. In addition to rising insurance co-pays and related expenses, Littman noted that two decisions facing Congress this month may further impact patient costs: a 27.4% cut in Medicare reimbursement to healthcare service providers(1) and a Medicare therapy cap for outpatient rehabilitation services(2); both of which are scheduled to take effect March 1, 2012. Littman also expressed concern over the potential consequences of patients opting out of treatment, citing a study that showed increased co-pays led to fewer outpatient visits but more hospitalizations as a result of patients delaying or forgoing treatment.(3)

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