#PRWin: IHOP Changes Name, Public Loses Mind

#PRWin: IHOP Wins Over the Public with Hamburgers? In case you didn’t know, “IHOP” is short for The International House of Pancakes. The famous breakfast food restaurant chain began using the shorter acronym back in 1973. At the time they were using...
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The Billion-Dollar Misunderstanding: Ecommerce Merchants and Latin America

Logistical complexities and delivery time and cost concerns continue to deter many U.S. ecommerce merchants from opening up to the Latin American market. Sky Postal’s A.J. Hernandez says their fears are misplaced: the difficulties are exaggerated,...
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The 6 Types of Data Everybody Should Know to Avoid Confusion

Everybody tosses the word “data,” but few actually know what it actually means and does. MountainTop Data CEO Sky Cassidy explains the 6 different kinds of data everyone should know something about in order to avoid confusion. (Canoga Park, CA) December...
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Lack of Funding Spells Doom for At-Risk Population of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

In its 2021 budget, the Trump administration includes sweeping cuts to programs supporting disabled people, including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Experts at Health Risk Screening urge legislators to reconsider...
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As Senior’s Healthcare Needs Evolve, Insurance Lags Behind

Coverage restrictions by Medicare and private insurers prevent seniors from fully leveraging the potential benefits of alternative medicine therapies. Ensurem CEO Dave Rich urges insurers to catch up with modern times.    (Clearwater, FL) December 21,...
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COVID-19 Reinforces Need for Federal Consumer Data Privacy Laws

COVID-19 may have kept some companies from preparing for the changes that the California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA) brought in 2020, but it is coming—sooner and harder than most companies expect. Where consumer data privacy is headed and the possibility...
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