Alvin Greene: What Anyone Can Learn from Media Training

This gentleman, Alvin Greene, who discusses candidacy on MSNBC is unemployed, lives with his parents and has now been indicted on felony charges. He’s also the surprise Democratic Nominee for Senate from South Carolina.

The interesting thing about this interview is that he has been trained to stay on point and repeat his message to the media. Ok, so he does it without finesse and no judgment over the conversation so it appears idiotic – HOWEVER, he does stay on point to the end result of the audience at least getting the message that his opponent started the recession – whether or not one believes it.

Media training is essential for those that are being grilled or interviewed by the journalist. It is imperative that you stay on point and be able to bring ANY question back to what YOUR message is so you stay in control. The better the training the better the outcome; it must be believable and there must be understanding between you and the interviewer. Alvin is not a stellar example of good media coaching, but he IS one of the best case studies on the principles of media training as its most fundamental basics.

Now all he has to do is DRILL until he can actually seem plausible!

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