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The JoTo Public Relations Agency is a Tampa Bay PR Firm that provides Business PR services to local and national organizations.  JoTo is an ancient Japanese word that means “excellent; the best, very high class.”  That is the standard that we apply to Public Relations at the JoTo PR Agency.

In today’s New Economy, Public Relations is much more than sending out a press release. An effective PR Firm has to successfully combine communication and management skills that utilize the full array of available tools from time-tested traditional methods to the latest and most popular social media vehicles.  At the JoTo PR Tampa Bay Firm, we have effectively merged these skills and methods to provide proven results for our clients.

When the JoTo Tampa PR Agency services a client’s PR needs, we address every facet of that company or organization’s communication.  The JoTo PR Firm delivers Public Relations results by reaching out to the precise audience that is meaningful to you, and garnering their willingness to patronize your services or products.

Everything the JoTo Public Relations Agency does is done from the standpoint of getting businesses a better return on investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars. Contact the JoTo Tampa Public Relations Agency for a complimentary public relations consultation and evaluation.

About Us

Public Relations innovators and veterans Karla Jo Helms and Diane D. Stein created JoTo PR to fulfill a gaping hole in the industry. With the advent of multiple outlets for media including social media sites, the traditional PR agencies were somewhat stymied. New agencies arose specializing in digital media but not grounded in the traditional values. JoTo is a hybrid, a blend of traditional with high technology so as to harness the advantages of all the worlds. They also bring their diversified far-reaching vision and experience that incorporates the totality of a company and recognizes that every aspect of a company from reception to customer service is involved in the way in which a company or organization is perceived. Using a Public Relations approach to all those aspects, they are able to help a company greatly improve the customer experience.

joto_facebook_41.jpgA Holistic Overview

JoTo takes a unique approach to its public relations activities. A large-scale initial examination enables us to look at your company as a whole. Our vision is holistic, i.e., a company is greater than the sum of its departments and divisions. We treat the entire organism (company) from top to bottom and create a synergistic message that lasers through the communication and information clutter. Starting with strategic planning that enhances every aspect of the organization, JoTo creates an integrated program that optimizes communication and improves the marketing return on investment.

PR is the tool to get people to think the way you want them to think. No matter the target audience, whether staff or customers, you have more control over reaching your goals through the correct use of PR. Marketing then backs up PR’s message by communicating what you want those target audiences to do.

The benefit of having a well-thought out and strategized PR plan is that it gives you more control over attaining your goals, which equates to a bigger bottom line and more freedom to do the things that you want to do.

Our specialty is not only our understanding and application of the core principles of PR, but our business background enables us to create holistic PR campaigns so you get better, faster and more comprehensive results. Call us for a complimentary PR consultation and evaluation.

The JoTo Mission Statement

To use the true technology of Public Relations as a holistic approach to companies’ marketing and promotional avenues by creating campaigns that will result in prosperous and expanding businesses.

Everything JoTo PR does is done from the standpoint of getting businesses a better return on investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars.