Affluent Consumers Spending Again – Capitalize on it with Publicity

spendingSpending on the Rise Among Affluent

Today we’re living and working in a new economy. As things have radically shifted over the past several years, marketing and sales are completely different than used to be. We’ve seen healthcare changes, tax changes, government changes. All of this leads to uncertainty in how people are going to spend their money and if they’re going to spend their money. That means businesses need to be smarter about the resources available to them. In this new economy, you need to leverage your marketing dollars.

You need to leverage your sales. And the way you do that is with PR.

Recent studies show that with the economy bouncing back, affluent Americans (those with a household income of over $100,000) are spending again (1) – but the underlying theme of the research is that consumer confidence is growing stronger again.

Companies looking to build and expand their brand need to capitalize on the confidence while it’s at its peak – and the way you do that is with PR. With PR, you’re kept visible and you’re kept known. When people become more familiar with you, when you have third party endorsements, you can create credibility. With that kind of credibility and familiarity, your marketing will work smarter for you. By the time people get your marketing materials, and you tell them how great you are and you tell them to buy from you, they already believe you.

REGIONAL_PT_CLIPPING_02062013For instance, a JoTo client in the healthcare industry, Regional Physical Therapy, was looking for help in navigating the approaching Affordable Care Act by building patient loyalty and increasing clientele.

The JoTo solution was to enact a strategic PR campaign that garnered credible publicity and business expansion for RPT. And the result? Regional PT had 554 patient visits in one week after implementing JoTo’s publicity and PR campaign. This was the first time they broke through their last highest-ever patient visits in over a year.

In addition to the increased patient volume, JoTo secured media placements (TV news segments, print articles, Radio interviews) for RPT in both local and national industry outlets. Regional was also able to begin its expansion – the company opened a second clinic and hired four new associates to better serve the surrounding public.

You can take control of your reputation with effective PR campaigns. And when you do, you’ll have more people, more interested, more comfortable in doing business with you.

If you’re not taking advantage of the improving economy with an effective PR team, you’re losing prime opportunity to connect with a larger market.

You need to get smart in this new economy. Contact JoTo PR today.

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