Achieve Influence, Command More Revenue. Here’s how.


There are four key components necessary to achieving Public Relations success that result in increased goodwill and business growth. They are:

  • Disruption
  • Exposure
  • Influence
  • Power

At JoTo PR, these are the milestones we use that shatter the “smoke and mirrors” PR, leaving real science and technology capable of growing your business and winning you measurable ROI. PR disruption breaks the status quo mold of companies in your market. When you disrupt the market, you get eyeballs on your company. You get attention.

Attracting attention through disruption and getting exposure gets you into the party, But once you’re there, what do you do to influence others in the room?

What makes influencers influential

At JOTO PR, we see all of our clients as influencers. But the truth is, you don’t instantly go from getting attention and exposure to being influential. It takes traction. It’s takes repeating the right message over and over in press releases, through social media and with emails (and other ways). This repetition creates a snowball effect, building on itself. You gain traction that elevates you in the public eye as someone who needs to be listened to. You hit critical mass. Then you are influential!

When you are influential on a broad basis you enjoy substantial gains in ROI.  You acquire new clients, but just as importantly, there is a perception shift among your current and past clients, who start to see you with a glowing halo of wisdom. It sounds funny, but that’s really what happens. Even I am sometimes amazed at how PR done right can anoint my clients to a somewhat “Godly” state.

People will want to associate with you

When you hit the critical level of influence, people go out of their way to be associated with you. Referrals line up at your door. They tell their friends about you. You business blossoms in ways it hadn’t in the past.

Staying in the news, once you’ve made it there, is important – but you don’t have to work nearly as hard, and the placements you’re able to get are automatically better.

Now you are a thought leader in your industry. You become quoted among the other influencers in your industry as a person who’s facing your industry’s issues head on. And because people consuming the media see that your opinion is respected, they assume you must be doing something right with your product or service, too.

When you reach this level of influence you can practically let go and watch the profits grow, because your happy clients and customers are doing a lot of the work for you. You’re out of the trenches and looking toward the stars.

The engine powering this ideal scenario is PR. Actually, it’s our particular brand of PR we lovingly call “Anti-PR.” It succeeds in ways that status-quo PR fails.

By not doing PR the right way, your business is losing potentially lots of revenue.

JoTo PR works to get you to that point of power. We chart your ROI all the way. For a free, 30-minute “Anti-PR” Consultation, get in touch with us at 888.202.4614 or send us an email. We’ll give you the hard-hitting facts from the start.

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Please look forward to my next email, where I will talk about how you can achieve the forth millstone listed above, Power.

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
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