A Successful Approach to Love: Balancing Business and Emotion


Best-selling author George Araman discusses the business of love–and how to get it right.

What do love and business have in common? Quite a bit, according to Author, Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert George Araman. In his new book, The Grey Dance of Love, he discusses the tools and tactics used in finding and keeping your life partner. Araman embarks on a journey with the reader on a quest to heal hearts and find love as the book surfaces statistics, studies, and expert opinions that make the relationship game less intimidating, but inspiring–with a dual approach of emotional rationality mixing both business and romance.


(Walnut, CA)—December 9, 2019— George Araman approaches the quest for love with a step-by-step guide that allows the reader to dive into the “dance” of relationship in an organized fashion. International bestselling book, The Grey Dance of Love, walks readers through the typical journey of relationships, which includes approach tactics, date ideas, the first of its kind: what type of personality you are and which to pursue (or be pursued by), and more.

Just like in the marketing and business world, those looking for love can use data and facts to make informed relationship decisions and increase their relationship happiness by using business tools mixed with romantic gems in order to have an out of this world relationship based on the best of both world.

Araman brings forth nearly a decade of experience in the marketing world in an array of industries, such as consulting, technology and banking. His successful professional background, however, did not stop him from immersing himself in the world of love and relationships. Although it started since his earlier years, His passion for coaching others on relationships culminated when George was “friend-zoned” by his ex-best friend. This heartbreaking experience motivated him to leave his successful life in the business and marketing world and create sparks in a different area of life– love.

A veteran marketing expert, Araman outlines his newly released book in a way that one would approach a marketing or business development strategy — a style that many professionals and entrepreneurs can digest easily with a forward-thinking, strategic approach.

In this book, readers can look forward to:

  • How to create, ignite and re-ignite sparks
  • Why we are ATTRACTED to bad boys/girls and how to CREATE attraction with anyone
  • Why we LOVE nice boys/girls and how to develop as well as MAINTAIN deep love & intimacy
  • Why we are friend-zoned and how to turn it into the most beautiful love story
  • Why couples that have been in love for years suddenly fall out of love; how to avoid it
  • Why we cheat and why men/women are cheated on and how to avoid it
  • The missing link that makes all relationships magical
  • How you can trigger different hormones to attract, fall, be, and stay in love for a lifetime


The Grey Dance of Love, based on 200+ books and 1200+ articles, an in-depth experiment and the author’s personal experience, is the ultimate reference book for relationships.

About George Araman’s The Grey Dance of Love:
The Grey Dance of Love, by Incessant Researcher and Incurable Romantic, George Araman, is based on his study of 200+ books and 1,200+ articles, an in-depth experiment and the author’s personal experience. Araman has included an enchanting love story, a magical formula, eight characters (one of whom is the reader), eight tailored love potions to solve all relationship problems and a step-by-step guide to take the reader from where he/she is to where he/she wants to be. Araman was inspired to write this book because he was friend-zoned and wanted to find a solution. It’s the only relationship book that gives all of the industry solutions in one place. For more information, visit http://www.greydanceoflove.com.

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