Excuse our pun, but we’ve always known that Twitter is one of the most fleeting social networks out there—with millions of tweets streaming in on any given day. If you’re not refreshing your feed at least once day, you’re already way behind. And with Twitter’s launch of their new Twitter Fleets feature, they’ve made the idea of instant even faster.

Fleets are similar to the stories introduced by other platforms (i.e. Facebook and Instagram), but for text. Essentially, they are tweets that only stick around for 24 hours—then disappear. Not something that will forever remain on your profile for all the world to see.

As with any new social media feature, figuring out how to use it for your business is a must, so we have everything you need to know about Twitter Fleets right here.

What Is the Point of Twitter Fleets?

Twitter’s statement regarding the introduction of fleets is focused on reducing the pressure of tweeting in a way that is permanently attached to your profile. Though anyone that follows you can see your Fleet, it’ll disappear after 24 hours so it’s not permanently searchable or viewable on your main profile newsfeed. Fleets can be plain text or reactions to other Tweets, and they can be customized with various photos, videos, and text options.

How Can My Business Use Twitter Fleets?

Any time a new social media feature of this caliber is rolled out, it’s important that businesses learn how to master it—and fast. Just as with any other feature, many people are saying that Fleets won’t stick around (looking at you, Instagram Stories), but we’re willing to bet that this feature is here to stay.

Fortunately, Fleets truly are a lower pressure way to get your message out there. While they still come from your business account, but not permanently attached to your profile—makes Fleets a great way to add some levity to your business persona without permanently disrupting your featured brand voice. When big events or meme-worthy moments happen, you can hop on and share your hot take (in a professional way, of course), engaging with your audience in a more real-time way.

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