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Money is too valuable to waste. This email is about how to do PR activities that result in measurable ROI so that your company grows and is more profitable.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet once said, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” He could have been talking about most PR companies—specifically, them not getting businesses results.

There is a formula to guarantee PR ROI that’s based on four distinct components:




and Power.

This formula emerged from my hard-won experience in the crisis management PR field and from voluminous market research conducted with 5,000 fast-growing company CEO’s. In my last email, we talked about the first two stages: Disruption and Exposure. To recap:

  • DISRUPTION: What happens when excellent innovations gain a foothold in a market and shake things up to the point that new markets are created entirely.
  • EXPOSURE: Making as many people as possible in a given target market aware of a product and business so that they begin to trust and want to do business with them.

As we stated before, trust is the secret sauce behind marketing ROI, and fostering public trust is the primary aim of competent PR.

In the life cycle of a JoTo PR campaign, the final two milestones are Influence and Power. Let’s learn about each one of those.

  • INFLUENCE is the power to affect someone or something; to cause change without directly forcing it. It’s a pervasive but subtle manifestation of power. However, (and this is key) there is no influence without trust. Only when you are trusted can you really influence someone.

JOTO PR campaigns are designed to put our clients in a position of influence. With our strategy of hit after hit in terms of media placement, these hits begin to snowball, and soon you become what’s known as a “thought leader” in your field.

Why you need to be a “thought leader”

A “thought leader” is a person perceived to have the power to shape the direction of a field or a technology. There’s expertise and gravitas behind what a “thought leader” says and does. A JOTO PR campaign pervades the media landscape around your topic of expertise and inserts you into the landscape in such a way that you become a “thought leader” in your field.

As a “thought leader” people will then trust you and you can influence them. This is our goal.

When you are elevated to “thought leader” and people trust you, sizeable boosts in your ROI are only a matter of time (if, by that point, they haven’t happened already).

  • PR POWER is what happens when you’ve gained Influence. People know who you are and what you do. They trust your opinions. Many have a relationship with your company in terms of being active customers or clients. PR Power is the point in which your return exceeds your investment – much of your marketing is done through word of mouth. Success has bred more success, in a exponential fashion.

PR Power is maintained by continuing to get those media placements and constantly letting people know how you’re shaping your field for good. The maintenance of Power results in stellar goodwill.

Goodwill and trust are cousins. The more people trust you the more goodwill you generate. Goodwill is an asset. Thus, as goodwill increases your company goes up in value. At the end of the day you command even greater levels of ROI.

Between Disruption, Exposure, Influence, and Power, you’ve got the makings of a foolproof PR strategy that’s going to produce results in terms of ROI every time. And that’s how we do business, here at JoTo PR – we’re not in the business of PR so much as the business of results. Still curious? Get to know us even better by visiting jotopr.com

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