Reduce, reuse, and recycle

leverageThis doesn’t just apply to water bottles, plastic goods and paper products. Recycling and re-purposing can be applied your past publicity and press releases.

Scenario: Your PR firm writes and distributes a press release to a targeted list of reporters based on your PR strategy in order to garner the first level of media attention. Your story gets traction, earns decent media coverage and your PR firm follows up with journalists for even better coverage.

But then what? Does that mean that press is done – it no longer serves a purpose?

Leveraging past press

You should always leverage your past press. Press is nearly timeless – it’s like a good song that just keeps on bringing in the royalties. You’ve been validated for some aspect of your business that warranted getting touted by the news. Use it to your advantage to reap an even higher return on investment.

If you aren’t recycling, you lose out.

Here are 7 ways to re-purpose your past publicity:

1. Blog it:

Use your press releases that have been picked up by major news outlets and highlight them on your blog – write something about the publicity you got, then link to the actual news item.  Show them where you have been featured and create credibility that way.

2. Utilize social media to brag: 

Companies that re-purpose their press and publicity by sharing via their social media platforms, push their news out to their target markets, and their target markets and their target markets. (It’s the old Faberge commercial all over again!) It gains you credibility, lots of views and word of mouth. Plus, more than 70 percent of online media journalists and other content contributors use social media (2) – don’t neglect these very powerful ‘search engines’ by neglecting where they would search.


3. Get more out of your advertising:

Nothing says you are the expert like a good piece of press. PR works this way:

Get good publicity in a daily paper, industry magazine, TV segment, radio show, blog feature, etc.), THEN

Market to that same demographic afterwards. (NOTE: Your PR firm should know your target markets and be fruitfully getting you press in the media outlets that count!). When you market, refer to the press you just got via a link, pdf, MP3, etc. Use your press to create instant credibility for what you are selling.

4. Post the news on your website: 

People look for timely information on your website. Consumers wants to know that you are putting attention on your business as much as you are putting attention on them – posting the latest company news on your website shows prospective clients that your company is proactive in your industry, an expert and in-the-know.

5. Create a press book: 

Press books are a great way to show off your chops. And online press book, or a printed one for your company coffee table, generates an elevated image of you. Press books are downright aesthetic and create impact on that alone.

–An extra tip: journalists look for online press books (if you need this service, let us know)!

6. Send it out in your email newsletter:

Businesses engage in email marketing because it works. And works well. The 2012 Marketing Channel and Engagement Benchmark Survey found 63% of respondents cited email as the channel offering the best ROI (return on investment) (1)

Sending out monthly emails newsletters offering valuable content can ensure your clients stay connected to you and know what you are doing. It makes keeping clients a breeze.

–Additional tip: Create a section in your e-newsletter for XYZ Company Press.  Highlight recent publicity and newsworthy quotes from recent published articles and radio/TV sound bites.

7. Sales:

Your sales force should be using past publicity in every sales cycle that they do. You can get creative on how to do this in your own sales process. Sending links with proposals, putting press images in proposals, adding a new press link on your email signature periodically to guide the prospects to your website where your press is located.

The actions are endless, but the theme is the same – re-purpose press to grease the wheels and impress. (Hint: Your PR Agency should be getting you continuous new press.)

These are the basics.

Use them and re-purpose your press for fantastic results that keep on going and going and going and going!


(1) Message Systems Survey Reveals Businesses Overwhelmingly Turn to Email Versus Social Marketing
(2) More than 70% of Digital Influencers Engage with Public Relations Professionals Through Social Media–of-digital-influencers-engage-with-public-relations-professionals-through-social-media,c9200415