7 Types of Crises That Require Proactive Preparation

7 Types of Crises That Require Proactive Preparation

No company wants to think about crisis. Yet, here we are in the midst of a global pandemic, having to not only think about it, but having to react to it right now. Crises don’t happen when it’s convenient. And that’s not how we should be doing PR. We shouldn’t be waiting – we need to be actively planning. Sure, while no one could’ve predicted the rapid spread of COVID-19, this crisis is only one of a bevy of potential crises that could happen at any time. This isn’t fear-mongering – this is just the reality we and our companies live in. And don’t think about this as inevitable gloom-and-doom. This is about your reputation, your shareholders, your employees, your company, and your very future being jeopardized not because of the crisis itself, but because you’re unprepared for it. In other words, don’t think about if a crisis will occur – think about when it happens.

An established, reputable public relations company can help your company deal with what happens when the worst happens. Below, we’ve listed a few examples of crises that will happen at some point. Remember, not if, but when. The big question you need to ask yourself repeatedly is – Do you have a plan?

Health Issues

The coronavirus is on everyone’s mind right now. And for good reason – if health issues threaten your leading executive, your CEO, or other essential person, what’s the plan? As unpleasant as it sounds – is there a plan of succession for instance? An announcement regarding this type of health crisis can seriously affect employment, company sales, and the company’s very future.

Negative Online Review

This can tie in with viral social media rants (see below), and can impact your company’s future with prospective clients, employees, and customers. Good online reviews are great. Unfortunately, bad online reviews make a lot of noise.

Viral Social Media Rants

Social media is vital to the success of many companies. It’s a double-edged sword – a reputation boosting tool and an instrument of destruction. For the latter, if just one person posts a negative comment about a product, an employee, or your company, that comment reaches the eyes and ears of the masses in literal seconds. Having the right social influencers already in place, on your side, can help you avert disaster.

Corporate Espionage

Imagine catching a terminated employee back in their office stealing customer contracts and company records! It’s not a movie plot – that has really happened. The proactive public relations company, however, has procedures at the ready to coincide with investigations with a detailed plan that includes external communications, settlement, lawsuits, and a public apology.

Product Recall

If one of your products ends up in violation of the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), the media must be alerted. The consequences here are tangible for customers and your company – and  significant. Handling this crisis in a timely, appropriate manner can make all the difference.


No matter how tight your cybersecurity, Data breaches happen daily. Global Fortune 500 companies, start ups, and everything in between aren’t immune to every possibility. Part of your company’s preparation for that data breach is having your crisis plan already in place.


Disagreements and disputes are going to happen – it’s essential to recognize that. These can occur during a merger, with customers, with former employees, etc. It’s critical to already be managing your brand and reputation appropriately in the court of public opinion.

Planning For and Reversing the Effects of a Crisis

We may be beating a drum here but it’s for good reason. The best advice for reversing the effects of a crisis is to have a plan for when a crisis occurs – not if.

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