move-the-needle-300x194In the New Economy companies have to smarter.  Relationship building is fundamental across all Marketing and PR methodologies.  Know the order of how to forge those relationships and reap the business – and profits.

Here are 3 points PR makes a significant difference in your Sales:

1. Marketing Research: Helping Win the Battle for Consumers’ Minds

Target publics are more skeptical today.  They are cynical, antagonistic, disinterested, etc. Try launching a marketing campaign in the midst of one of these emotional barriers and you might as well just throw your money in the trash.

Obtaining marketing intelligence is vital before you begin any campaign. If you don’t do your marketing research first, you may never know how to deal with specific attitudes and feelings.  Companies that don’t prime their PR campaign properly, unfortunately go through the long painful trial-and-error process that they could have avoided by doing marketing research.

Getting the real data beforehand eliminates the guessing game and it is a very important part of getting the best ROI for your PR and Marketing dollars.

2. Public Relations: Starts the Communication, Enhances Results

PR should create a good reputation for a company and present any other aspects of the company in a positive light based on concrete facts.  Once you have that third-party credibility, from the press or Key Influencers or even public opinion via social media, this increases your ROI to your marketing dollars.  It does so by initiating word-of-mouth BEFORE your promotional pieces hit your market.

PR is not about peddling your product or service.  Most people fail to understand this.

Public Relations is all about knowing how to reach out to the target markets that are meaningful to you and establishing credibility in their minds.

JOTO_CHART_091820122-300x2313. Marketing Generates Leads and Sales Sell

Let’s face it.  Marketing does not work the way it did before 2009.  People want to know you are credible before they buy.

  • People know you by your reputation – the only way to convince people of your repute is to execute an effective PR campaign.
  • Then follow it up with marketing to sell them something;
  • Then you sell them something, a.k.a. close them;
  • Then you deliver what is promised.

PR and Marketing’s Relationship Defined

PR and Marketing are actually intrinsic to each other as they both ultimately have the same goal—a positive result from the public, whether it is in the acquisition of acquired admiration, trust or respect, or whether if it is in the form of product interest and purchase.

There is a natural flow and order to the use of the subjects of PR & Publicity to Marketing, which is almost always violated by most businesses.

In an ideal world, PR would always be done before marketing starts; there is a natural law behind this. (1)

This fundamental concept applies to all aspects of life, not just business.  A business or a person’s reputation and activities should precede them to make communication and transactions smoother, easier, faster or even possible at all.

PR, Marketing and Sales in the New Economy

The New Economy necessitates that new systems be put in place for relationship building.  Marketing works better when it is preceded by a campaign that increases the credibility for your company.

Marketing also works better when it does what it is suppose to do – generate leads.

Follow up your Public Relations services with Marketing, and your Marketing with Sales.  You will then have an expanded company and a larger market share.  Hence, the Circle of Life in the New Economy!

Here’s to your success,

Karla Jo Helms

(1) What Is Public Relations? It’s a natural phenomenon – by Robert A. Kelly