10 Essential Rules for Brands in Social Media

Taddy Hall posted a nice list of his 10 rules for social media marketing in Advertising Age.

I have posted a super abridged version of his list here but you really should read his entire post to understand his rules.
Rule 3 is especially applicable and often overlooked and underrated by brands attempting to jump into the world of social media.

1. The 1% Rule 
In category after category, our data show that a small fraction of site visitors are responsible for a substantial portion of total site traffic.

2. The 2-4X Rule 
When it comes to conversion, visitors driven to a site by influencers are two to four times more likely to convert compared to visitors from other sources, such as display advertisements or paid search.

3. The New Media/New Pipes Rule
In today’s socially driven internet, it matters far more what consumers do with your content than what you do with your content.
4. The Martha Stewart Rule 
Throw your own party; don’t just cater someone else’s!
5. The Power of “Weak Links” Rule 
Influentials generally do have many direct “friends” and “followers,” but what makes them truly valuable is the number and relevance of their extended or indirect connections.
6. The Feed the Fire Rule 
Consumers love to share relevant, engaging, useful, and entertaining content with their friends. Make it easy for them to find your content and make it easy for them to share your content.
To read the full description of the above listed rules as well as the last 4, just visit Adage.
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