Publicity With PR Services Is An Overall Business Strategy

“Without publicity, a terrible thing happens – nothing.”
—Phineas Taylor Barnum

Public relations (PR) publicity is the medium through which an entity, such as you, an organization, a charity, a company, etc., becomes well-known and respected, so that your target audience is more comfortable and interested in interacting and doing business with you.

PR should come before marketing because PR encourages people to start thinking a certain way about your company, vision, products or services before your marketing materials hit. So, when your target public encounters your promotion, your product, you already have third-party credibility – people have been talking about it, recommending it, and the media has been publicizing it.

Whatever tainted view your target market has of advertising or of a “sales pitch” is already diminished with top-notch PR and publicity. It allows you to deliver your message and have your audience much more receptive to it because you have previously broken down the emotional barriers when your promotion begins. PR creates a workable relationship with your audience.

Publicity is a Tool of PR

Publicity is the action of getting press coverage for you while public relations is the overall strategy of amassing a long-term stable relationship between you and your target market.

Publicity is a device PR uses to enhance that relationship, and it’s just one of the tools in the JoTo arsenal.

Publicity Placements are Geared to Your PR Strategy

At JoTo PR, we have developed a structured approach to feeding your PR message to the world and for saturation of that message throughout your target market. Through empirical observation from our years of PR work, we have codified the “PR food chain” of pick-ups, mentions, feature articles, and news segments.

To be a leader in your industry, or in your community, it takes persistence – you need to show longevity. You are building a persona with publicity and PR, and building relationships. You have to be willing to insert your message into people’s minds, change their minds, and then maintain that position in their minds to increase your market share.

Our publicity placements follow an exact strategic plan, geared to building your PR message into a multi-tiered approach that puts you on top of the food chain.

JoTo PR Publicity and PR Services Mean Bottom-Line Success

There are many benefits that can be gained from publicity and PR. PR is the fuel that runs your marketing campaign. It gets the word out and creates credibility:

  1. It lowers your cost per lead – An informed consumer is easier to find and close.
  2. It increases your marketing ROI (return on investment) – PR has a wide reach and can penetrate the marketplace making by making you known, respected, and credible before your marketing or sales messages hit
  3. It augments the value of your business by:
    1. establishing you as the expert in the industry;
    2. increasing credibility for your brand; and
    3. creating brand awarenes.
  4. It makes sales easier and faster to close.

PR and Publicity Give You A Step Up on the Competition

Through PR and publicity, you will win a warm spot in the hearts of your clients and the public, while improving your overall stature and value in the marketplace.

A public relations agency does what a stand-alone marketing firm cannot do. It is much more accessible and pervasive, and it encompasses your audiences and related audiences more than marketing without PR.

If PR is done right, your marketing strategy can be implemented without preconceived ideas or emotional barriers that otherwise inhibit people from purchasing, calling, or doing what you want them to do. If those emotional barriers are removed, your marketing will be much more cost-effective.

Everything the JoTo PR firm does is from the standpoint of producing a better return on investment (ROI) for business marketing dollars. The end-benefit is more people who are more interested and more comfortable about doing business with you.

JoTo PR Offers “Holistic” PR

The JoTo PR agency is a firm that provides public relations services to local and national organizations. It offers an holistic approach to your organization’s PR campaign by combining the full use of public relations and marketing research technologies, thus enabling you to get a greater return on your investment.

The JoTo PR agency is like a military reconnaissance team forging a path into the minds of your target market.

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