PR Strategists Stress The Importance Of Smart Market Research©

“The JoTo PR Market Researchgave us actionable steps to improve our New Patients.”

A definition of marketing research, according to the American Marketing Association, is: …the function that links the consumer, client, or a specific public to the marketer through information – information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; to generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; and improve understanding of the needs and wants of the audience….

The Importance Of Smart Market Research© Is Profound

To find a strategy that opens the door to market penetration and sales volume necessitates insightful marketing research and intelligence. This means that the importance of market research is that it is an integral part of creating a PR strategic communications plan. Marketing in any economy requires precision, and you need to find out precisely what people think about your industry, your product, your company, etc., so that you know your entry point into influencing the minds of your target consumers and convincing them to start thinking the way you want them to think. Bad experiences, bad press, sarcasm, and bitterness directed towards a certain subject or a particular industry can create huge difficulties if you are launching a company or a product towards what has become a hostile audience. Unless you do the marketing research first, grasp the problem, and pave the way for new understanding and new thinking, people won’t like your company or your product and won’t believe anything you say about it. We use a proprietary marketing research technology that helps us determine the emotional barriers that could inhibit a PR message from reaching a client’s target market. We are talking about precision marketing research that taps the minds and knowledge of users, media, employees, or any other specific audience, and gives us the intelligence, the knowledge, to build an astute PR strategic plan.

Complimentary Market Research Analysis


JoTo PR Smart Market Research© Specialists Are There For You

JoTo PR’s market research team is at your service. Our team has been obtaining intelligence for companies in the healthcare, finance, and technology industries for over 20 years. Our market research team is experienced in getting the untapped information you need to thrust your company or organization into the evolution of a more desirable and viable market competitor. There is an enormous amount of valuable information out there and we will tap into it for you. For example, by interviewing the right target market, we can provide tremendously valuable insight into how the public perceives your organization and any existing problems with it, as well as the positives of your product or service. You also need to know what your competition is doing. We call this “competitive intelligence” because it gives you the edge you need to secure your fair share of the market.

JoTo PR’s Smart Market Research© Services Generate Big Dividends

We find out what people really think and use their feedback to penetrate the minds of your clients and customers. Our JoTo PR market research pros take 99% of the guesswork out of PR and communication strategies. Our market researchers can:

  1. Create precision survey instruments geared to determine the needs or interests of:
    • customers
    • prospects
    • employees
    • constituents
    • the general public
  2. Research interest levels of your target market in existing or new products, services, etc.
  3. Determine how public relations crisis management issues can be resolved in the court of public opinion
  4. Execute competitive surveys and analysis In these difficult economic times, it is extremely important for every marketing public relations activity to be productive

You need insightful market research data as well as precise marketing research analysis that translates into bottom line results. Publicity and PR without the benefit of accurate marketing research is like flying blind in a snowstorm – nerve racking, very dangerous, and potentially fatal. If you don’t understand the importance of market research, you can spend a lot of money on a PR campaign, a product launch, or a new start-up with a marvelous PR campaign and fantastic marketing and expect to be rewarded with great results. But without obtaining market research intelligence to find out what your target audience thinks, needs, wants, or is looking for, you can wind up falling flat on your face. Don’t make that mistake. We’ll save you.

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