Our Team

“Any relationship, business or personal, works better if both sides understand what the other is trying to achieve and the standard by which they comport themselves.”
—Karla Jo Helms
Founder & Chief Evangelist, JoTo PR

JoTo Purpose:

  • To make a significant impact on the economy and the news by helping businesses to get their messages into the media in volume regarding solutions, services and products that will help people and companies grow, expand and thrive.

JoTo Standard:

  • The JoTo standard is insistence that we get results.
  • It means caring about the client and not accepting reasons why results cannot be attained for a PR campaign, or any part thereof.
  • At JoTo, results can and will always be achieved.

Our Team:
Because JoTo PR is about broad future-building strategies and precise, timely PR handlings for any business under the sun, our team requirements are set to high standards of experience, professionalism, speed and flexibility. PR is about changing minds, creating opinions and generating new realities that can take your business to expanded levels of acceptance in your market.

This is the team that runs the teams of PR Writers, Market Research Specialists, Social Media and Media Relations Specialists.

This is the team that can take you there.

Ashley Richardson, VP Operations: “Overachievement” is not a word in Ashley’s vocabulary. She knows performance standards can always be pushed further and when they are, bigger games abound.

From her years of experience, Ashley oversees Project Management and runs the Media Relations Department proficiently and hammers in products. When she isn’t wheeling and dealing with the media, she’s practicing MMA… so don’t get on her bad side.

Scott Roberts, Tactical Strategist:  And avid snow skier – works directly under the Chief Anti- PR Strategist, Karla Jo Helms, to ensure all tactical steps of clients’ strategies are moving the clients through stages of ROI swiftly and with no fail. If there’s a way to get your brand out there, Scott’s already thought of three additional ways to add on to it. Your company’s growth is the name of the game and Scott knows all the rules.

Samantha Roetman, PR Project Manager Keeps all PR deliverables 100% delivered on time. Samantha keeps things running smoothly and puts out fires before they have a chance to get out of hand. There will be bumps and bruises along the way but Samantha is there to steer the ship back on course. We’re also convinced she’s the daughter of Poseidon as she spends pretty much all of her free time on the water.