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Novus Medical Detox Center: DEA Must Enforce Drug Laws as Prescription Opioid Deaths Continue to Rise

Despite U.S. prescription opioid overdose deaths surpassing 22,000 per year, the DEA has curtailed its cases against pharmaceutical firms and distributors. Novus Medical Detox Center calls for the DEA to uphold drug laws and halt rising deaths. NEW PORT...
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Star-Power Smiles of Diamond Teeth—Dr. John Moore, Jr., Brings Sheer Artistry to the Grill

Billions hooked into social media cyberspace and emulating their showbiz idols are constantly on the quest for that flawless image. A Texas beauty dentist heard the call—and provides true diamond-cut, live-looking teeth. (San Antonio, Texas April 24,...
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BathMasters: Enhance Your Home’s Value by Selecting a Licensed and Insured Contractor for Remodeling Projects

Choosing the right contractor for a home remodeling project can determine whether an upgrade is successful or becomes a financial nightmare. Greg Norman, founder of BathMasters, offers the benefits and advantages of hiring a licensed, insured and bonded...
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